What's it called? Canoe Slalom?πŸ€”

Paddling to Victory - Mallory Franklin's Canoe Slalom JourneyπŸ›Ά

The paddles dipped into uncharted waters when Maximise Management introduced us to the world of Canoe Slalom, specifically the rising British star, Mallory Franklin. Tasked with unveiling Mallory's journey and amplifying her online presence ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Collective in Liverpool embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

Project Kick-off: A Watersport Revelation‍

Before the project, Canoe Slalom might have been a term we stumbled over, but Maximise Management had an intriguing story to tell. Mallory Franklin, a trailblazing British Female Canoeist, was on the cusp of making history at the Tokyo Olympics, set to compete in a groundbreaking Canoe Slalom class for the first time.

The Big Idea: Crafting Mallory's Narrative

‍Our journey with Mallory began with digital storytelling. Through video calls, we delved into Mallory's narrative, unearthing her journey from a 5-year-old enthusiast to a medal-winning legend. Connecting with her parents, we unearthed VHS footage from her early training sessions, a goldmine of authenticity we knew had to be part of the mini documentary.

Content Creation: A Wave of Digital Assets

‍Our services spanned the creation of digital assets, including three mini-documentary episodes chronicling Mallory's life and training. From the tranquil waters of her childhood to the world-class Olympic white water training facility in Essex, our on-site filming incorporated drone work and photography, capturing the essence of Mallory's dedication and skill.

Achievement Unveiled: Tokyo 2020 Olympics

‍As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics unfolded, Mallory Franklin made history, claiming the slalom silver in the first-ever Olympic Women's C1 race. The culmination of her journey, documented in our videos, resonated not just with Canoe Slalom enthusiasts but with a broader audience, showcasing Mallory's determination, skill, and the thrill of victory.


Services Provided:

  1. Video Production: Crafting three mini-documentary episodes to unveil Mallory's journey.
  2. Photography and Drone Work: Capturing the scenic and dynamic aspects of Mallory's training at the Olympic white water facility.
  3. Digital Storytelling: Weaving Mallory's authentic story, including childhood footage, into compelling narratives.
  4. Content Editing: Transforming longer-form content into shorter videos for broader audience engagement.

Conclusion: A Silver Lining in the Waters of Success

‍This case study isn't just about Canoe Slalom; it's about the triumph of Mallory Franklin and the synergy of storytelling and sports. Through our collaboration with Maximise Management, we not only showcased Mallory's extraordinary journey but also contributed to the historic moment of her Olympic achievement. Paddle by paddle, frame by frame, we captured Mallory's dedication and success, leaving a lasting digital legacy for a remarkable athlete. πŸ₯ˆπŸ›Ά

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